David Lynch meditates into Norse Cosmology.

David Lynch asks us to accept a Twin Peaks-verse built on the unseen, constructed of firemen giants, weapon-wielding dwarves, noble heroic ideal men, outlaws, and other worlds of elemental qualities. With those parallels to Norse Cosmology pointed out, we submit this detached head of Major Garland Briggs floating through a Ginnungagap-esque void, still espousing wisdom post-death decapitation, very much an analog to Mímir.

[Listen to me lensing this Heathen Worldview out in my friend Mitch George Proctor's podcast: https://soundcloud.com/fromtheredroom/reflections-twin-peaks-the-return-ep-567]

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Guillermo Maytorena IV knew there was something special in the Norse Lore when he picked up a copy of the d'Aulaires' Norse Gods and Giants at age seven. Since then he's been fascinated by the truthful potency of Norse Mythology, passionately read & studied, embraced Ásatrú, launched the Map of Midgard project, and spearheaded the neologism/brand NorsePlay. If you have employment/opportunities in investigative mythology,  field research, or product development to offer, do contact him.


  1. Kara Lynn: Yessssss. And as I keep saying on & off the podcast, "It all goes back to Norse Lore."

  2. Guillermo the IVth It’s funny, I just received a gift from someone who wasn’t aware I was interested in Norse lore etc., and they sent me a book titled “The Folk Arts of Norway”
    Little hints everywhere.
    The more I find out about it, the more it feels like coming home.


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